McDonald’s Dipping Sauce Goes for $282

McDonald’s Dipping Sauce Goes for $282

The fast food chain’s latest stunt was bringing back its “Szechuan” sauce for a day, but restaurants across the United States quickly ran out of supply. The condiment — first created as part of a 1998 promotion for Disney film “Mulan” — became a topic of breathless discussion online after featuring in an episode of popular animated science fiction comedy “Rick and Morty” earlier this year.

But on Saturday, it appeared McDonald’s had underestimated just how popular the dipping sauce had become. As outlets quickly ran out of supply, many were not pleased. In some cases, cops were called to deal with irate customers.

Some disappointed fans searched online sites like eBay where the condiment was selling for exorbitant sums. An offer for three sealed packs of the sauce sold for $848.88 ($282.96 each), while a single packet was bidding for $995. Most listings for the condiment were above $100.

McDonald’s eventually addressed the horde of irate customers on Twitter.

The company acknowledged its “super-limited batch” was not enough to meet the demand, and promised to “make this right.” McDonald’s said the Szechuan sauce will come back to its restaurants in winter and it will be more widely available than Saturday’s promotion…

Source: McDonald’s Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce stunt backfires