From April 10-14, Math Educator @MatthewOldridge takes over @_CriticalMath! #mtbos #onted

From April 10-14, Math Educator @MatthewOldridge takes over @_CriticalMath! #mtbos #onted

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This week Matthew Oldridge, a Mathematics Educator from @PeelSchools takes over Critical Math!  Tune in for some original content as Matt wrote a few of the articles himself  Also, be sure to browse some of @MatthewOldridge‘s writing on his blog at Medium!

What is your current professional role?

Resource Teacher-Effective Mathematics.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

In my job, I spend every day, all day thinking about mathematics. I love that.

Why is critical thinking important in the classroom?

I have written and thought a lot about critical thinking. Making sound judgements-with the tools of mathematics. So important.

Who inspires you?

I get inspiration from great friends and Twitter folks like @AllenClassroom, , , .

What are your hopes for education (or math education) in the next ten years?

For math education in the next ten years, I hope we all lay down our arms in the Math Wars, and start working together, regardless of what side we are (were) on.