Fresh Air In a Can Gives You 130 breaths for $20

Fresh Air In a Can Gives You 130 breaths for $20

In what may be the most ingenious money-making idea since bottled water, two entrepreneurs have set up a business selling fresh Australian air to China.

John Dickinson and Theo Ruygrok are the co-founders of Green and Clean Air, a business based in Australia that puts air in cans and sells it to people struggling with pollution in Asia.

They came up with the idea one year ago, after Ruygrok looked at the sky and mused about the difference in air quality when he arrived home from China to Australia.  “Wouldn’t it be great if we can take a bit of this air over to China?” he asked Dickinson.

Soon after they began working to their goal of collecting air from iconic Australian locations. Today, the company collects air from multiple beautiful sites including the Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach, Tasmania and the Gold Coast. You can also get a can of pure New Zealand air. A can costs just less than A$20 a pop.

The duo suck the air into disposable cans using what they call “mobile air-farming” technology, with each can holding 130 to 140 deep breaths. You simply use the attached plastic face mask to breathe in the fresh air through your nose and mouth.

Source: Entrepreneurs are selling Australia’s fresh air in a can to China