If a robot takes your job, you get $2000 a month…

If a robot takes your job, you get $2000 a month…

A survey gives some early insight into how U.S. residents feel about universal basic income.

Nearly half of Americans are in favor of giving cash handouts of $500-$2,000 a month to residents when robots take their jobs.

A survey of 500 individuals in the U.S. released today found that 46 percent of people support the idea of a universal basic income, through which the government gives a cash handout to any resident, irrespective of employment status.

“The general concept of a floor on income is generally acceptable to and popular with voters. This is a solid first step,” writes Misha Chellam, the founder of startup-training company Tradecraft and a signatory of the Economic Security Project, a newly founded research organization dedicated to learning more about the implications of universal basic income (UBI). Chellam wrote a summary of the survey results for Medium.

While 500 people is not a perfect representation, there is a reasonable diversification in the ages of those surveyed: 24 percent were over 65, 31 percent were under 40, 16 percent were in their forties and 25 percent were between the ages of 50 and 64.

Source: About half of Americans support giving residents up to $2000 a month when robots take our jobs