UberEats cuts wages by 50% overnight 

All Uber delivery people are contractors. Prior to the changes, cyclists would get $6.50 when they picked up an order — a fee that added up if they picked multiple orders from the same restaurant — and were then paid an extra $1.85 per kilometre of distance travelled. Uber would then take 35 per cent of the total delivery fee as its cut.
As of Nov. 29, the delivery people will receive $2.90 for a pickup — but it’s now a flat rate, regardless of how many meals are picked up. The delivery people then get $2.50 for each drop-off. The distance rate is dropping to $1.05 per kilometre. Uber’s 35-per-cent cut remains the same.

Source: https://www.thestar.com/business/2016/11/29/ubereats-changes-compensation-structure-for-delivery-people-overnight.html