Nestle takes 3.6 million litres of water per day from Aberfoyle

Nestle takes 3.6 million litres of water per day from Aberfoyle


Meanwhile, Nestle is allowed to keep taking up to 3.6 million litres of water a day for bottling from its well in Aberfoyle while the province reviews its renewal application for a permit that expired in July. Nestle can also take up to another 1.1 million litres a day at a well in Erin, another community in Wellington county.

Municipalities, mines, construction companies and golf courses – in addition to the water-bottling companies – are allowed to take a total of 1.4 trillion litres out of Ontario’s surface and ground water supplies every day.Premier Kathleen Wynne ordered a review of the province’s water-taking permits to be completed this fall, and said she wants new rules specifically for bottled water companies.“

Water bottling is a different kind of industry and we need to treat it differently, Wynne said earlier this month.Ontario charges companies just $3.71 for every million litres of water after they pay a permit fee of $750 for low– or medium-risk water takings, or $3,000 for those considered a high risk to cause an adverse environmental impact. British Columbia charges $2.50 for every million litres, while Quebec charges $70.

Source: Ontario urged to deny Nestle water-taking permit at well wanted by town – The Globe and Mail