Can Nintendo fix dysfunctional family relationships?

Can Nintendo fix dysfunctional family relationships?

Nintendo is promoting Mario Party: Star Rush by pointing out a new survey conducted by Wakefield Research that many parents say they don’t have enough time to spend with their kids. As the big N notes, “parents tell their children they are too busy to play with them an average of eight times a week, with almost half of parents (48 percent) saying they spend more time commuting to work than playing with their kids.

But simple things like playing a quick video game as a family, which tops the list of activities that kids enjoy most (33 percent), can be easy and fun.”Nintendo adds that over half of parents (52 percent) often avoid playing family games due to the stress of picking a single game that everyone wants to play.

Kids getting too bored (36 percent) or arguing whose turn it is (31 percent) are roadblocks as well.In today’s announcement, Nintendo claims that Mario Party: Star Rush can help avoid these pitfalls.

The game lets players take turns at once, experience various mini-games and boss battles, and go through seven different modes.

Source: Nintendo promotes Mario Party: Star Rush with new survey showing parents don’t have enough time to play with their kids – Nintendo Everything