A Trip to The iFactory: Inside Apple’s Chinese Core

As groups of 300 are processed with military precision, an electronic billboard outside the recruitment center tells them what they can expect: starting salary is around $285 a month or $1.78 an hour. And even with the maximum 80 hours of overtime a month, the Chinese government considers them too poor to withdraw any payroll taxes.If they want to share a dorm with seven strangers, $17.50 will be deducted from their salary and in the massive Foxconn canteens, a heaping tray of meat, vegetables and rice goes for about $0.80. After a training period, a new hire can be on an iPhone line in as little as three days, quietly assembling a gadget that would cost him three months salary.”I heard work is hard here,” says one 17-year-old applicant with a Justin Beiber haircut. “But I heard they just raised the pay,” says another. On Feb. 1, Foxconn began paying more than the minimum wage in Shenzhen by raising the starting salary about $0.25 an hour.

Source: A Trip to The iFactory: ‘Nightline’ Gets an Unprecedented Glimpse Inside Apple’s Chinese Core – ABC News