About CriticalMath.ca

About CriticalMath.ca

Teaching math in context is crucial…but what sort of context?

Consider this quote from David Stocker:


A snail is climbing a tree 10m high. Every day, the snail climbs 3m. Each night, it slides back 2m. How many days will it take the snail to reach the top of the tree?

That’s one committed snail. The only problem is, nobody in my Grade 7 and 8 math classes cares one bit how fast that snail makes it to the top of the tree. I don’t blame them.


Everywhere you look, math problems are filled with these mundane, irrelevant, and artificial contexts…

Instead of wondering how many students to invite to the imaginary pizza party, why not start with a context that matters?

This site was created to make that easier.

You won’t find lesson plans here, but you’ll find a variety of contexts with which you can create provocations, parallel tasks, and open questions.  If you know the mathematical concepts you want to teach but you’re tired of the cupcake making- school dance planning -fake bike ride measuring – mindless consumption based math contexts, then this site is for you.

Interested to see what’s already been submitted?  Get started by searching through the database.

Have a context we should add to the site? Submit your ideas here.

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