This Week @Roosloan Takes Over @_criticalmath! #onted #mtbos

This Week @Roosloan Takes Over @_criticalmath! #onted #mtbos

We had two weeks full of thought-provoking articles curated by @MsALambert and this week kicks off another Twitter Takeover.  This edition is curated by PDSB’s Ruthie Sloan.  Read below to learn more about Ruthie’s thoughts on education.

What is your current professional role?

Gr. 4/5 teacher.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

Researcher in the classroom. I love the ability to think and connect what is going on in my classroom to what is changing/being thought about in education. Choose your own adventure-story model: I love that teaching is not in any way monotonous: We get to co-construct our own journeys with our classrooms and learning communities.

Why is critical thinking important in the classroom?

TS Elliot said: “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in infomation?” I think that as a global community/education there is a lag in the rate we are moving forward with access to information vs. the rate we are learning how to distill info into wisdom/think critically about what that info means.

Who inspires you?

Lots of people…. The best ones are the ppl who leave you with more questions than answers- This year Brene Brown and her thinking about the role of vulnerability as a gateway for creativity curiosity innovation and change has made me think deeply about the role in not only classroom communities but PLNS with grade teams/boards/provinces etc…. IF we believe that it is valuable/necessary for student learning how is it translated in our own professional learning?

What are your hopes for education (or math education) in the next ten years?

That it is not a stand alone subject… That we move towards a model of learning/teaching that meets children where they are at- and caters to development vs. grade expectations. That we teach and learn how to ask questions that inspire more questions (or leave us up all night wrestling with more questions) that we have the courage to be vulnerable as educators, learners and thinkers…. that we REFLECT and allow others into our thinking process.